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Summer is finally here, and that means it’s time for bonfires, lazy summer nights, rodeos, country music concerts – and most importantly – cute summer outfits. No summer outfit would be complete without a cute pair of cowgirl boots, so gather ‘round, ladies, and let’s talk cowgirl fashion. Read more…


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Let me introduce us….

Since Head West Outfitters is new (so new in fact that we aren’t even officially open yet) I think it’s safe to assume that most of you out there in cyberspace have no clue as to who we are.  “We” as in the three of us who are frantically busting our little bottoms to bring all of you the best in modern, authentic western wear.  Whether you are a die-hard cowboy who wouldn’t doesn’t leave the house wearing anything but Cinch, Ariat or Tony Lama or you *might* have heard of Wrangler but have no clue what those other names are, you just want to look cute at the Gary Allen concert this weekend,  we want to carry things that you want to buy.

Billy Long is owner and entrepreneur #1.  Billy has started up and successfully run several companies and this combined with his lifelong love of all things western (and the fact that he is a HUGE George Strait and Dukes of Hazard fan) made the idea of a western wear store especially appealing to him.

Jenny Faye Grace is Billy’s partner both in life and in business (awwwww).  Jenny owns Head West Hair Saloon, which is the first salon in our hometown of Erie, PA to offer the Brazilian Blowout service.  Jenny grew up eating, sleeping and breathing horses and is the best buyer a store could ever have!

My name is Linda Holtz Wurst and I also grew up obsessed with horses.  I started showing at the age of four, and my very first horse show was held at the farm that Billy and Jenny now own (cool little factoid, isnt’ it?).  I’ve often said that if I had to choose one brandname to outfit myself with forever and ever it would be Wrangler–and now that little brown patch is a regular part of my work “uniform”–how cool is that?

Jenny and I were part of the same 4-H Club when we were teeny kidlets.  We drifted apart for our college years and a little after, until lo and behold her dad and my aunt ended up getting married (at the same farm mentioned above!)  So we found ourselves not just friends but stepcousins to boot.  Then, my horse needed a place to live while his barn was under renovations, and Jenny and Billy offered him a place at their farm (same farm!)

One day, while taking care of the horses, Billy mentioned the western store idea.   I mentioned in return that I was looking for a job and would love to manage it if he ever decided to open one.  Two weeks later Jenny called and offered me the job and a couple months after that HERE WE ARE!

So that’s us, any questions?  We’d love to know who YOU are and what we can do to make your shopping experience with us the best possible one you could have.  Please comment and let us know what you think and what you’d like to see from us!

Hello world!

Head West Outfitters is a new western wear store opening November 1, 2010 in Erie, PA.  Watch this space for information and special offers for our Grand Opening Celebration!

We will also be offering full product lines at the most competitive prices on our website:

Head West Outfitters